About us


Message from Managing Director

When I started Al-Fajr International in the early 1980’s I felt a sense of obligation to lead this company with innovative ideas and a responsibility to serve our nation. Although initially we just dealt with indenting, now we have expanded and provide diverse services in hydro power, waste water and electrical supplies.

Presently, 30 years later, we have expanded and our projects are carried out all over the country. We are working with various government organizations to provide electricity and clean water supply to various cities in Pakistan. Solid waste management is also a primary concern that we are working on. Our goals have never wavered.

We work as closely as possible with all of our clients. We challenge them to think beyond their current needs, looking for ways to improve their cost effectiveness through various projects. We have changed the way we do business, as we don’t just provide equipment, but also solutions for our clients.

This has led us to create an innovative team of engineers and back room staff that assist our clients at every step of the project. Our engineering, procurement and maintenance services in various projects are a proof of our dedication to the clients and to our communities.

Significantly, our people are an integral part of Al-Fajr’s culture and share in our vision and our ethics. We believe in increasing the value of our employees through their abilities and also via investing in them. As a result, there is high output and a high return. The affectionate employees are all treated as a family at Al-Fajr International. Our hard working personnel are expected to deliver services while using their experience.

As you observe our website, we hope you will gain a better insight into our projects, get a better sense of who we are, and feel our eagerness to constantly improve. We look forward to working with you, as we make things happen.